Patron Legal: General Information & Services

legal servicePatron Legal is a group of lawyers and experienced professionals who serve the needs of all types of business organizations. All services regarding any organization can be managed by the competent, diligent and dexterous employees of this organization. It is also the responsibility of these lawyers to prepare contracts tailored according to needs of any organization. The services provided by us are mostly practical legal advice for which we charge reasonably. It is our specialty to provide top notch services at affordable prices.

All clients are satisfied with the services they receive and first time clients are also offered a free consultation for half an hour. Some of the services provided by this organization are training, employment contracts and health and safety investigation. The other services which are not listed here are described below.

Managing terminations

In an association it is a common occurrence that individuals are fired, hired, promoted and demoted based on their work. Conduct and overall performance are the two factors based on which employees are fired. To maintain the business is it necessary to remove employees who are incompetent. The team of Patron legal assists with hiring and firing employees so that the staff members do not stand a chance of suing the employers. There is very less risk that the employee will take any legal action against the employer since, all the grounds have been thought about by the legal adviser.

All contracts while hiring an employee need to be framed with care as it protects the business from the employees. When any employee or representative of the employee raises issues with the employer, effective advice is provided at reasonable rates. Work health and safety, human resources, employment law, and terminations are some of the services on which our team focuses. The advice provided by our team is tailored according to our needs since each business and its conditions are different. The experts of our team have experience of dealing with aforementioned issues for small or medium scale organizations.

Fair work commission

In the recent years there has been a rise in the number of unfair dismissals and also against workplace discrimination. There is exactly no guarantee that any employer will not be dragged to the commission and charged for a workplace issue. Since there is no guarantee for it, measures are taken to reduce the risk for the business and also the amount that might have to be paid out. Throughout each and every step of the employment cycle our team offers solutions which are practical and do not charge a hefty sum for it.

Workplace policies

Some of the policies that members of our team can develop to suit your requirements are listed below:

  • first aid
  • evacuation procedures as well as emergency procedures
  • sexual harassment
  • dispute resolution
  • codes of conduct
  • discipline and management of performance
  • appropriate behavior in workplace
  • employer technology
  • equal opportunity
  • unlawful discrimination
  • drug and alcohol
  • workplace surveillance
  • privacy
  • internet, phone, computer and email usage