Da Vinci Surgery Lawsuit

Da Vinci Surgery lawsuit

Designed and manufactured by the well-known Intuitive Surgical Inc., the Da Vinci surgical platform is a complex and advanced robot designed to assist physicians in performing a wide array of complicated yet minimally invasive procedures. Although initially this robot was designed to facilitate the work of the surgeons and to lower the risks associated with certain medical procedures, it seems that this surgical robot has done more harm than good for some patients – or at least, this is what they claim.

What Does The Da Vinci Surgery Lawsuit Involve?

It is the right of the plaintiff to file a personal injury lawsuit if he suspects that the robot has caused him damage of any type. If the lawsuit goes to trial, it is up to the jury to see whether the plaintiff is right and whether a malfunction of the robot or the surgeon’s lack of training have caused the patient all the pain and suffering. Over the past year, an increasing number of patients have come forward, seeking compensation for their suffering and hoping to get the financial compensation that is rightfully theirs, if it turns out that they are right. However, in some cases plaintiffs may be able to reach a mutually beneficial settlement with the manufacturer of the robot, if a design flaw was to blame.

As various patients claim, the Da Vinci robot has caused them intense pain and suffering after some of their healthy organs and tissues have been damaged: burned portions of skin or punctured organs or intestines are some of the most commonly accused complications related to the use of the Da Vinci medical system. In extreme cases, some patients are believed to have experienced extensive nerve damage, internal organ laceration or even death. Some patients were unaware of these complications until several days or weeks following the procedure, when they noticed the side effects caused by alleged defects in the robot’s design.

Do You Suspect You Might Be Eligible For Compensation?

If you or somebody you know has recently undergone a surgery using the Da Vinci surgical robot and they have gone through tremendous pain, then you can opt for a medical malpractice lawyer or a product liability lawyer to review your complaint and to help you with your lawsuit. For instance, failing to provide enough training or detailed, comprehensive warnings and instructions to surgeries and hospitals that use this medical system can result in a lawsuit, and the patient may be entitled to compensation in this case.